What are emotions?

Emotions are psychological effects on the body – they can be happiness, anger, sadness, fear, joy and more. Emotion is how people feel on the inside. The emotions discussed in this booklet are some of those that can occur when you have cancer. They are in no particular order and do not include the total range of emotions you may experience. For many people, a range of emotions will come and go at different times.

There’s no right or wrong reaction

It’s common to feel that you are on an emotional rollercoaster. You may find you have different feelings from other people with cancer. This doesn’t mean you’re not coping. When you’re trying to come to terms with your cancer, there is no right or wrong way to feel. Everyone is different and you will deal with things in your own way.

Dealing with the diagnosis

Sometimes you suspect the truth before the diagnosis is made. You may recognise the symptoms or the doctor seems overly concerned. But it is still a shock when your doctor says you have cancer.

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