After treatment

After your treatment you may need to have regular check-ups. Your doctor will decide how often you need these check-ups, as everyone is different. Check-ups will gradually become less frequent if you have no further problems.

Many people worry that any pain or illness is a sign that their cancer is coming back. This is usually not the case, but if you are worried about whether your bowel cancer is going to come back, ask your doctor about what to expect. You may feel less worried if you know exactly what to look out for and what you do not need to worry about.

If your bowel cancer returns, you may need further treatment. It is important to report any new symptoms to your doctor.

You may also feel worried or depressed when your treatment is over and you have time to understand what has happened to you. If you are feeling this way, you may find it helpful to join a cancer support group to help you through the months ahead.