Breast cancer

A guide for people with breast cancer

When you hear you have breast cancer you may have a lot of questions. This information will help answer your questions about the different stages of breast cancer, how it is treated and living well during and after treatment. It gives information about the diagnosis, treatment, practical support and the emotional impact of breast cancer.

For some people, having information about what is happening to them can be a way of taking back some control at a time when you may be feeling overwhelmed and powerless.

The words in bold are explained in the glossary (what this word means) and key points are translated into te reo Māori.


You can read the e-book version of this information here.


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"Having cancer didn’t stop me from having a good life. I had lots of support from whānau, doctors and hospital staff as well as the Cancer Society. I really appreciated it because it was a difficult time." Rangi