Business Partners

What is a Business Partner?  

Business partnerships are designed for your business to engage with the Cancer Society, contribute financially and/or in kind, and receive benefits from that partnership.  A business partnership with Cancer Society helps you to meet your corporate social responsibility (CSR) and marketing objectives, and helps us meet our fundraising and awareness objectives. It is about partnering for good and creating win-win-win partnerships.   Partnerships are an important way to not only raise vital funds but to get cancer prevention messages and behaviours out to a broader audience.  

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Benefits of the Programme  

•increased brand equity and credibility  

•positive media and PR coverage, with positive brand positioning to key audiences  

•ability to execute cut through marketing by a demonstrated point of difference  

•increased sales and market share  

•increased employee engagement through recruitment and retention, team morale, and health and well-being  

•enhanced customer relationships and community engagement  •demonstrated leadership in corporate social responsibility and sustainable practices, enhancing investor, stakeholder and supplier relationships  

For your Business:  

•Staff fundraising opportunities  

•Workplace talks with staff  

•CRM opportunities – Brand partnering  •Research updates  

•Use of the Business Partner logo   For the Cancer Society Centre:  

•Advocacy and engagement with local businesses  

•Increased donations  


There are 4 levels of support

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  business partner logos silver6business partner logos bronze6business partner logos yellow2


business partner logos gold6business partner logos platinum6


Business Recognition Awards  

We appreciate the amount of effort businesses put in to fundraise for the Cancer Society and want to recognise those that put in that ‘extra effort’.  

Business Recognition Awards recognise the efforts of fundraising and take into account ALL the fundraising done by your business. Whether it be Daffodil Day, Relay For Life, a donation from your business or an event that you and your staff have decided to host, all donations go towards your tally.  

Your tally accumulates over the year. So you can progress from a bronze business partner, to silver, then to a gold, all depending on your fundraising efforts. We have some great window stickers (not too big!) so your customers can visually see who your business is supporting. There are also pdf logos for your website and social media, as well as for your newsletter if you have one.  

And we let the community know how well your business is doing. We have a running tally on our website, shout outs on FaceBook, and snapshot tallies of local businesses in our quarterly newsletter.  

If you are planning a fundraising event, be it large or small, and let us know, we advertise this with everyone we can (depending on how much notice you give us).  

Staff Engagement:  

A staff engagement program can ensure your organisation is attracting great candidates, enhancing morale, retaining staff and being an employer of choice.  

A comprehensive staff engagement program with the Cancer Society includes fundraising available in your community, a health and wellbeing program (to reduce the risk of cancer) and engagement activities (such as fundraising events and awareness activities).  

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