TG Logo RGB2          Introducing TaxGift

Cancer Society Central Districts has joined TaxGift, an easy way our  generous supporters donors  can help us a little bit more without even having to reach for their pocket.

With one easy step, our supporters can help us by making their  donations give twice.

If you are a New Zealand tax resident who has received taxable income in the current financial year, then you are entitled to a rebate of up to 33% on each donation that you make to the Cancer Society Central Districts.

If you sign up to TaxGift, that means for every $100 dollars you donate to us, you could give us another $33 without it even leaving your bank account.

It mightn’t sound like a lot by itself, but it could make a huge difference. It’s money that could help provide counselling or transport to lifesaving medical treatment or perhaps its resources for a whanau that have just received a cancer diagnosis of a loved one.

Just to confirm, your donation gives a second time – no money actually leaves your bank account when you sign up to TaxGift.

It is important to note that once you sign up you won’t be able to claim the tax credit for yourself, however you can opt out at any time by emailing:

Learn more here or opt in to support Cancer Society Central Districts by clicking here.