Do your own fundraising

Cancer is too big an issue for any one of us to tackle alone. We know we are stronger when we work together. By setting up your own fundraising activity you can extend a helping hand to cancer patients and their families - now and in the future. 


 What kind of fundraising can I do?

Every day of the week people just like you are fundraising for Cancer Society in varied and wonderful ways. They are shaving their heads, running marathons, climbing mountains, giving up chocolate, doing bake sales or organising a host of other activities to raise funds.

You too can make a stand against cancer and become a community champion by fundraising for Cancer Society. All the funds you raise stay in your community. 


Need some inspiration?

Check out some inspiring fundraising ideas by clicking here


Ready to get started?


Step 1 Choose your approach

The list of things to do is endless. You can take on an athletic challenge, run a bake sale, challenge yourself, give something up or come up with your own idea. Have a look around to get inspired by others.

Once you have decided what you want to do, contact the Cancer Society.

Step 2 Contact the Cancer Society

Register your fundraising activity with the Cancer Society by contacting your local centre.  The Cancer Society will clarify how they will support you and what resources they have available (e.g. donation buckets, banners etc). This is also the time to discuss your budget or what cost you plan to make for the activity.

A fundraising pack that contains a letter that will give you authority to fundraise in support of the Cancer Society will be provided. Your authority to fundraise is valid for a set period which is specified in the letter. Only start your fundraiser after you have received authority.

Contact your nearest centre by phoning:

Taranaki: 06 757 3006

Whanganui: 06 348 7402

Manawatu: 06 356 5355

Hawke's Bay: 06 876 7638

Gisborne: 06 867 1795

Central Districts Divisions office: 06 356 4011

Step 3 Organise your fundraiser

Coordination and management of your activity is your responsibility. Make sure you have the necessary permits and permissions for your fundraiser. Local authorities may also have requirements that apply to your fundraising activity, especially when food may be sold.

The Cancer Society can give you advice on this.

Step 4 Set up a fundraising page

Set up a fundraising page on

This will make it easy for you to share your story and collect donations. Your supporters receive a tax receipt immediately and the money will be direct credited in our bank account so you don’t have to worry about depositing the money in our bank account.

Step 5 Promote your fundraiser

Make sure that people know about your fundraiser. As the fundraiser you are responsible for generating your own publicity. We are more than happy to discuss any ideas you may have for promotional activities.

You can use the ‘Proudly supporting Cancer Society of New Zealand’ logo. You will receive a copy of this logo in your fundraising pack. State clearly in all your publicity that all funds raised will be forwarded to the Cancer Society and, where applicable, what percentage of the ticket price or other sales will be donated.

Suitable statements for your fundraising event: e.g.

• Charity Dinner - Proudly supporting Cancer Society 
      #% of the ticket prices will be donated to Cancer Society

• Trivia Night – All proceeds donated to Cancer Society

• Fun run – All funds raised by the runners will support Cancer Society

All promotional marketing material, including media releases, that describes the work and role of Cancer Society and/or carry the logo must be approved by us before it is used.

Take lots of photos, use social media and your everyday hero fundraising page to get the word out. In all your dealings with the public, sponsors and supporters, make it clear that you do not represent Cancer Society, but that you raise funds in support of the Cancer Society.

Step 6 Bank the money

Now is the time to find out how much money you have raised and to bank it. If you’re using a fundraising page on Everyday Hero, we have already received the donations. If you have cash donations, you need to ensure all money is accounted for.

Deposit the total amount raised to the Cancer Society within four weeks after the event. Bank details are provided in your fundraising pack. Keep the receipts and an overview of your costs.

After your activity

If you have borrowed any materials from the Cancer Society, please return them so they can be used for the next event or activity.

Thank you for your efforts to raise funds for the Cancer Society – your help enables us to provide care, comfort and hope to everybody affected by cancer.



Gisborne: Lianne on 06 867 1795 or

Hawke's Bay: Pip on 06 876 7638 or

Manawatu: Rebecca on 06 356 5655 or

Taranaki: Cassie on 06 757 3006 or

Whanganui: Alison on 06 348 7402 or