John Torres is a Daffodil Day star and volunteer driver

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John Torres is a busy man.

John is a nurse at Waikato Hospital and has a second casual nursing job. He and his wife Precious have two young children, Sky and Carlisle, who are 3 years and 7 months respectively. Plus he volunteers to drive people to their cancer treatments for the Cancer Society.

He knows how important this sort of practical support is. “It’s my small way of helping out“, he says.

“I know what even that small bit of help feels like.”

In 2017 John was diagnosed with cancer and had to have treatment. Because he couldn’t drive to the hospital, Cancer Society volunteer drivers helped him get to and from each treatment.

“It was a difficult time for us. I had good support from my family but my wife was studying and we had a young baby. I couldn’t drive so having someone come and drive me was really helpful.”

“I wanted to give something back and this is a tangible way of helping out. I find it really rewarding.”

Back on his feet now, John says they love living in New Zealand where they have made it home after he and Precious moved here from the Philippines five years ago.

He says his faith has been important. “God has worked miracles in my life, enabling me to help others.”