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‘There’s one group of people out there who really want you to smoke – the tobacco industry. Why does the tobacco industry, also known as big tobacco, target you? They need to sell cigarettes and make as much money as possible… who better to replace their dying customers than teenagers?!’ –


Famous tobacco industry quotes:

"Brown & Williamson will not support a youth smoking programme which discourages young people from smoking."

"We don't smoke that s**t, we just sell it. We reserve that right for the young, the poor, the black and the stupid."

"The ability to attract new smokers and develop them into a young adult franchise is key to brand development."

"... the base of our business is the high school student."

"Today's teenager is tomorrow's potential regular customer."

"If you are really and truly not going to sell children, you are going to be out of business in 30 years."

"Younger adult smokers are the only source of replacement smokers ..."

"It is important to know as much as possible about teenage smoking patterns and attitudes."

Did you know?

The vast majority of smokers (72.3 percent) aged between 15 and 19 years say that they would not smoke if they had their lives over. 85 percent do not believe they will still be smoking in their 20s.

People who start smoking before the age of 21 have the hardest time quitting.

Most cigarettes/tobacco aren’t veggie or vegan, they contain flavourings from animals such as beavers and whales – gross!

Castoreum is a flavouring in a cigarette which comes from a gland next to a beaver’s bum – Super gross!! 

Cigarette butts and plastic cigarette filters present a threat to wildlife; birds, sea turtles, fish, and other marine creatures can mistake them for food.

Heard enough yet? 

Stop before you start, or Quit today


The Filter   

The Filter is part of ASH Wales, they have an awesome website that deals with filtering out the myths and giving you the facts about smoking. 

They also provide information, support and signposting to young people with regards to any smoking related issue, including quitting.

Tobacco contains many chemicals but tobacco dependence is generally attributed to just one of these: nicotine. Nicotine is a psychoactive drug. Psychoactive drugs act on the normal brain mechanisms that regulate consciousness, mood, and thoughts. Check out their website for more interesting facts you’ve never heard before.

The human brain continues to develop during adolescence, which may explain why young people are particularly vulnerable to the effects of nicotine. The actual disruption of neurological functioning due to nicotine is more serious for adolescents than for adults. Starting to smoke at an earlier age is associated with an increased risk of developing nicotine dependence. 

It appears that adolescent nicotine dependence develops rapidly and young people do not have to smoke daily to become dependent. United States data suggests that young people develop symptoms of loss of autonomy rapidly and in response to a consumption rate of as little as two cigarettes per week.

Quit today, or better yet, don’t start at all. Don’t let your life become profit for tobacco companies.


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