Dine for a Cause!

FOOD FOR THOUGHT!! - Dine For a Cause! 
Let's EAT and talk about HOPE and JOY! 
Cancer Society - Manawatu is holding a "Dine for a Cause"  event! 
Have a look at our fabulous $46 menu set at the Lone Star NZ - $10 per person will be donated to Cancer Society,  Manawatu!

Give them a call at (+64 6-355-1986) and tell them that you want to "Dine for a Cause," and they'll get your table ready!! 
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lone star menu2



More Protein, More Power! 


milky bar pud2

Milky Bar Pud! 
Worry Less LIVE More! Support Cancer Society, Manawatu!


lone star cafe bar queenstown kiwi pavlova2

For the LOVE of PAVLOVAS!!
Kiwi Pavlova! 


lone star cafe bar nelson longhorn cheesecake2

 LIFE is too SHORT to say NO to CAKES!#cakeboss I am fundraising for Cancer Society, Manawatu! Longhorn Cheesecake! #YUM



jphnny cash stash2

Johnny Cash Stash!! 


dixie chicken2

I'll be your Dixie Chicken, if you be my Tennessee Lamb and we will walk together in the Dixie Land! 
#Eat #Pray #Love Support Cancer Society, Manawatu! 


Burrito Ranchero2

There is no problem a BURRITO can't solve! 
HAPPINESS is catching up with best friends! Eating yummy Burrito and Fundraising for Cancer Society, Manawatu! 

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